Learn and Grow

This morning i was just going through a few quotes when i came across this one and that’s how i thought of writing this blog :

” The purpose of learning is growth , and our minds ,unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live.”

Simple yet beautiful , these lines certainly carry a powerful message. Nothing is unattainable for the one who is willing to put in sincere and relentless efforts and nothing that one learns ever goes waste. Its just a matter of the right application of what you have learnt at the right place , in the right manner.

Since the time of our birth we keep learning things as we continue to grow. Few of them come to us naturally like a pre-programmed function in a computer system that is inbuilt , for example infants cry to draw attention towards their needs, likewise a child learns to sit on his own, later as a child keeps growing then things like crawling and babbling, efforts to stand up and learning to walk . And then there are things we learn from people we are surrounded by ,like our parents , teachers and friends. As kids we are very curious and inquisitive by nature and quickly grasp new things . Upto a certain age, there is a very fixed pattern or schedule that we follow to learn things,  we follow a routine and adhere to it but unfortunately few of us lose the enthusiasm to learn things after a certain age . This is so because we start associating learning with age.

Many of us live with this pre-conceived notion in our minds that after crossing a certain age it might not be possible to learn a particular thing.  This is true to some extent but it depends on a large extent upon our willpower and the strength of our mind. To the one who is resolute , age is not a barrier. If we look around , we might be able to find people in our lives who we can take example from , the ones who channelise their energy and continue to learn irrespective of their age. It could be anything , learning to play a musical instrument , enrolling for a course, reading a book, learning to play some sport we had been thinking for a long time or going to some destination we had been wanting to explore, in all of these ways there is some or the other thing we learn and discover , in some or the other way.


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

One should be driven by the force to make one’s life meaningful . And believe me , in our endeavour to utilise our time to do constructive things lies one of the biggest satisfaction of our lives. Each one of us have been blessed with the same amount of time in a day , i.e., 24 hours. Its our choices that determines the schedule that we set for ourselves for the day. Slow growth our gradual progression is not something to worry about as long as we continue moving forward in a steady manner.

Just as we keep gaining experience through all that we learn we keep evolving because of that. Every obstacle that we overcome to learn something and all the challenges that we face to achieve something provide opportunity to us to grow and become a better person. When we thrive , survive and succeed in achieving something it boosts our confidence and increases our capacity to deal with circumstances we otherwise never thought of handling.

So lets stay positive and lets continue to learn and grow.






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